Our highly accurate consumer mail lists can be customized to meet your specific criteria. And, our List Experts are always available to help you select the perfect direct mailing lists.
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If you are searching for mailing lists targeting consumers or businesses within the Sunshine State, then you have come to the right website.


In fact, our List Experts have helped hundreds of Companies target Florida's unique mix of consumers and businesses for the past 9 years. You'll get expert recommendations for your direct mailing lists, customized to your specific and unique parameters.

Some of our most requested mailing lists include:
• New Homeowners - New Movers
• Real Estate and Mortgage
• Families with Children
• Charity Donors
• Golfers
• Households by Ethnicity
• Households by Credit Score
• Investors
• Wealthy Households
• Frequent Vacationers
• Occupant/Resident List
• Seniors
• Boat Owners
• New Businesses
• Professionals at Home Address
• Active Credit Card Purchaser
• Franchise Owners

Let our List Experts help you purchase a highly targeted direct mailing list.

Mailing List Accuracy Guarantee
The success of The Florida List Company is not only determined by great service and pricing, but also the quality of the mailing lists that are offered to our clients. With that said, our primary mail lists are completely rebuilt every single month and are updated with the USPS CASS list hygiene service on average every 30 days. We offer a deliverability guarantee of 92% on Consumer lists and 90% on Business lists. *Some Specialty Lists do not come with a guarantee.

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